You are fed up, not seeing results when you practice guitar?

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You are stuck and you just cannot advance in your guitarskills?

When you practice guitar, you see little or even no improvements, which is why you are often frustrated and giving up?

You don't know what to do to get better, because too much information confused you?

You would like to be able to do something against your lack of musical ideas?

Your search is over!

I have felt the same for a long time!

...and now I know how to help you get over that.

And many of my students had the same problems Fortunately for you, you can now learn, how you can easily overcome this!

Educating yourself with the help of YouTube and other random lessons did not bear a lot of fruits for you. Your guitar lessons from your past maybe even disappointed you, because after your lessons you did not feel much wiser than before. You also did not like studying books and working through them, so you gave that up as well?

Every guitar player is different and needs his own custom strategy!

Imagine, you would get your own lesson strategy, that helps you to always know what to do to get you closer to your exact, longterm goals - week after week, day after day.

In my school you are taking off, where you are right now and you are taught and coached with a specifically for you customised plan, so you can be sure, to reach more, than you ever would have hoped and for you to feel that you are getting closer to your goals every day.

  • Find people who are as crazy for playing guitar as you and receive the supporting from your environment that you are longing for.

  • Make a lot of progress and save a significant amount of time

  • Play with confidence and learn here how you can battle stage fright effectively

  • Unchain your strengths and experience extensive recognition

  • Learn how YOU can become creative, so that you can express yourself musically freely

  • Discover how to play like the pros and never feel bad again, when you pick up the guitar

I know you would love to see for yourself, how I will help you to do things, that you would never have thought to be possible, so I offer you a FREE and NON-BINDING introductory session with me, where you can convince yourself, how we work together on letting your dreams become true.

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Another reason for you to choose Kitaristi Tampere

The only school in the area, which is part of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Cirle and receies professional guitarteacher training from the best guitar teacher instructor in the world! This ensures, that you receive the best from the best and benefit by getting the newest and modernst insights about learning to play the guitar.

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