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Overcome Writer's Block For Good

And Finish Your Old Ideas

Just Like Many Of My Students Did Before You:

If you often start writing a song just to have it end up on the pile of unfinished ideas, keep reading.

I KNOW everybody says songwriting cannot be taught...

I mean... The people who say things like...

"You either know how to write songs or you don't"...

PROBABLY DON'T know it...

Let alone ever tried to TEACH it to anyone.

And if you think that too, you have two choices right now:

Either leave this page now and never find out if I am FULL OF SHIT or:

Read until the end to maybe find out that there COULD BE a way out of writer's block.

Here is the deal:

If you had a rock-solid process for writing AND FINISHING a song that you could use, and it works EVERY SINGLE TIME...

… and the songs you write would turn out exactly as you want them to be…

… instead of guessing and trying…

… deleting and rewriting a thousand times…

… getting tired of hitting inspirational walls again and again…

… depending fully on chance or how the planets are set if you finish a song or not…

… wouldn’t you want to know about it?

When you write songs the way I teach you, you don’t have to deal with ANY of that.

"I noticed a big difference during the first few weeks of the training. I got those important questions answered pretty quickly and those weren’t a problem for me anymore so after a few weeks I already feel much more comfortable with making my own music."

I’m going to use my newly acquired skills to make more music and to experiment on what’s my own voice and how can I use it.

I think what helped me the most were these plans and plots for our songs. That was really helpful and I think that was the key that got my music skills to another level."

I will show you my system and process that you simply have to follow, and you will always know what to do next to bring your song to completion.


If you belong to the type of people that think a system would destroy your inspiration and creativity, please leave this page, you have nothing to gain from this.

On the other hand, if you only KINDA believe that this could in any way “damage” or “hurt” your inspiration, then think about this:

What we do is to train your creative muscle, so that you switch on and off your inspiration when you need it.

And then we channel it and work on your ideas together so that you harvest your results and creative ideas and turn them into an actual song.

"The main aid was of course teaming up with the singers but also the aid for the songwriting system, how to refine your ideas and bring them closer to an actual song. That was probably the biggest help.

I noticed a change after the first lesson. It just opened your eyes like “Hey you can do this this way” and you don’t have to rely on how the planets are set.

You can work systematically and work around with the ideas and the whole concept and it just blew my mind.

The skills that I learned have already made my songwriting process more reliable and more productive since I can make a lot of new songs and bring out the ideas and feelings that I want to express through the song.

The single thing that helped me the most was probably the system that was introduced in the beginning. It cleared a lot of thoughts up and how to progress with the idea and on what level to think and how to make things compatible with the feelings or the idea and actually constructing the song. Like having an opening and something happening in the middle and something in the end. And putting it together. So the system was the single thing that helped the most."

If you NEVER wrote a song before, EVEN BETTER:

Imagine someone teaches you how to build a house all by yourself...

You only learn how to work with a hammer, nails and a saw and some wood.

What I will show you is how to work with the tools you got to create the best house possible with what you have in that moment.

No detours, no long, theoretical lectures, you learn the craft properly right from the start.

And the best part:

When you get more advanced tools like a bulldozer you will still be able to apply them with what you learn here because the methods that I teach you work on EVERY LEVEL.

"I say “Go for it”. You just gonna feel it. You will gain so much and learn so much. Not only about songwriting but also collaborating with people and with yourself, with your ideas and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t made any songs before. You don’t have to know anything about songwriting before this and it’s probably better not to know anything about songwriting because this will give you a good base to build on." - Lasse Lehtonen

The techniques and knowledge you get from writing your FIRST song will help you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

  • Earn the title of being a songwriter once you have completed your project and hold the CD as proof of that in your hand

  • Get a repeatable process so that you know you will finish a song whenever you decide to write something

  • The composition master tool kit which is the blue print for starting AND finishing your song

  • The 4 paradigm shifts that master songwriters apply to their songwriting

  • See how easy it can be to write your own songs even if your knowledge is limited at this point. In fact: The less you know the easier it will be

  • Become a more creative person with my CREATIVITY ON DEMAND Training so that you eliminate “Fishing for good ideas”

  • How to down right steal the ideas of your favourite songs and making them your own without the artist himself realising

  • Get rid of writers block by combining everything above and train it under my guidance and cement your new skill into your brain for all eternity

You will come out of this project with a skill set that you can use FOR A LIFE TIME so that you can continue to write songs even long after the class has ended!
(I will provide the necessary tools to ensure this)
You will have a GUARANTEED spot on the CD that we will create together at the end of this class that you can brag to your friends about forever. (Yes, this WILL be a challenge but from my experience, totally possible during the course of this project)

And because I am feeling generous today:

The FIRST SIX who apply during the first registration period open until 28.02.2021 and you will get to attend my priority lesson program the whole month of September for free, which allows you to drill the concepts you learn even more AND connect it to other areas of guitar playing!

There will be another sign up period later IF the event is not sold out by then, and the price will be higher.

I only offer this project accessible to the public once per year because the rest of the year I will be busy helping my students in my exclusive programs to get them to the top of guitar mountain in all other areas of guitar playing, so don't procrastinate!

If you are wondering about the price... If you know me by now, you know it's not going to be cheap. And if you know me better you know I keep what I promise.
I will tell you everything you need to know and then you can make your decision.

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A master songwriting teacher guides you right up to the goal line.

You can't possibly fail!

Who this is NOT for:

If you started playing guitar less than 12 months ago, don't know the basic open chords and are afraid of metronomes, don't sign up for this. (Only exception: you took lessons from me before or are currently a student, because then I know you can play)

Here is what previous participants produced in only 12 weeks of songwriting training with me:

None of them have EVER written any music at all before they participated in this project. Here is even more:

Apply for YOUR SPOT in the Songwriting Project 2021 and get more information here:

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It will not take long --- Spots are limited. I have space for 12 participants! --- Free Parking --- Applying does not guarantee participation