Guitar Lessons for Grown-Ups in Tampere

An open letter to anyone who bought his first guitar and who finally wants to…

Cross "Learn Guitar" Off The Bucket List

Dear new Guitar Friend,

Have you just bought your first guitar or do you own a dusty guitar that you keep somewhere in a closet?


In any case… You probably have a desire to learn how to play guitar.


By now you might have encountered your first obstacles and moments of frustrations.


Please let me try to convince you here:

Learning guitar does not need to be daunting and filled with boring practice time.


If you have the slightest desire to learn how to play guitar and learn it fast, please pay attention and read ever word on this page because it might be the most important thing you will read today.


If you secretly regret not learning to play any instrument for real (except triangle or flute in primary school), on this page I will show you what others in Tampere are doing to…


Play real songs, play along to songs, play spontaneously what they want, learn soloing, get ready to play in a band. In a REAL band.


And if you want, you can become one of them – even if you always feared you are too old to play guitar and your fingers feel as controllable like sausages.


Here is what it’s all about:


My name is Michael Korte (I came to Tampere from Germany and most of my Finnish friends call me Miika and so can you) and I help adults in the Pirkanmaa area who never thought they could learn guitar to… (drum roll)


Play guitar.


And learn it fast.


And to play the songs of their idols without the pain and bullheaded discipline that everyone assumes it needs to pull that off.


And after only 5 years of doing this, I can confidently say:


If you are a healthy adult, with all 10 fingers (or maybe even just 9 or 8), are friendly and coachable and you are ready to find a burning passion now…


You have got an excellent chance of learning guitar waaaay faster than you ever thought you could.


Because, unlike many guitar teachers who promise to teach all styles and skill levels equally well (when all you want to do is just get your playing off the ground)…


…or brag about their ‘decades of experience’ (but haven’t done anything to improve their teaching skills after their first year of teaching), I happen to be:


The Only Guitar Teacher For Beginners In All Of Pirkanmaa Trained In The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

Here is what that means for you:


Every year I shell out thousands of euros to upgrade my teaching skills, get ongoing guitar teacher training and learn from the top guitar teachers from over 50 countries, so


I can stay…


On The Very Cutting Edge Of Taking Complete, “Never-Played-Before” Beginners And Getting Them Smiling From Ear To Ear As They Play Their First Chords, Melodies And Songs!


It also means: studying with me is not cheap.


So, if you are looking for the “Guitar guy next door” version of guitar lessons, or if investing a few hundred euro a month into your guitar playing makes you faint…


… I’m not the teacher for you.


But I decided long ago to focus on helping my students get results than on being cheap.


I’m looking for guitar students who want to get what they pay for and get it fast.


And guitar students come to me do so, because they want


A Guitar Teacher Who “Gives A Damn” & Takes His Craft As Seriously As Brain Surgeons And Airplane Pilots Take Theirs!


If that is what you are looking for too, let me tell you something fascinating I found in my 5 years of helping beginners learn guitar…


After 1 year of specialized, laser focused guitar training this can be possible for you:

If you think you are too old, let me tell you something about that.


Afterwards you can decide for yourself if you wanna reconsider how you think about that.


To my experience…

Everyone thinks they are “too old” unless they started at 8 years old.


EVEN I MYSELF thought I was too old to play guitar like virtuoso when I was 18.


I just started playing guitar again after seeing my heroes the German power metal group Gamma Ray play live on stage and catching a guitar pick from Kai Hansen, the main singer and guitar player to whom I looked up to a lot.


Here is a (very old) picture of me with their lead guitarist and of the concert and of the guitar pick:

Selfie von Henjo Richter von Gamma Ray undMichael Korte
Gamma Ray Band live on stage
Gamma Ray Guitar Pick front and back signature

And back then becoming a really good guitar player was really all I wanted but that dream ship seemed to have sailed back then.


So I started to feed myself with all kinds of self-limiting beliefs like:

  • “It is ok to not become great and just play on a mediocre level”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to play as good as them” (despite me starting guitar at quite a young age!)
  • “I don’t have time to practice as much as my idols did and I don’t even know WHAT to practice”


And it took me a looooong time to finally get over those beliefs.


Think about it… if only ONE of the beliefs from above sounds familiar to you…


Ask yourself: WHY do you believe what you believe?

And do those reasons have anything to do with YOU PERSONALLY as an individual?


Has anyone with a valid point of authority ever told you “Harri, YOU are too old to learn guitar. Your fingers are too this, too that”…?


Have you maybe seen videos pushed by the media of the so called “Wunderkinder” who play Bach-pieces with insane accuracy?


“This kid is playing like an Indian god with 12 arms with only 12 years old, what chance do I have?”


“This kid is playing like an Indian god with 12 arms with only 12 years old, what chance do I have?”


Does anything you ever heard about learning to play music and guitar really have anything to do with YOU personally and directly or were you just interpreting what you heard?


If you ever thought the way that I described here, you are not alone but you are also not completely powerless against it.


Here is what I think:


People who believe this are almost always 100% right!


Yep. And even though we haven’t met yet, I predict:


You Most Likely Have ZERO Natural Talent, Your Fingers Are Probably NOT The “Ideal” Length Or Size For Guitar (Whatever That Means), And You Probably Would Have Learned Guitar A HECK Of A Lot Faster HAD You Started Years Ago.


There, I said it.


Of course, there is always a chance you might be that “rare-as-diamonds” phenomenon who will beat the odds.


I wouldn’t bet on it though.


So where does that leave us?


Two options:

  1. Continue as always and never live up to your potential on the guitar or…
  2. Stop procrastinating and take action on your dream


If you chose 1)… Click the X on the top right (or left if you are MAC user) and leave this page now and go on with your day.


If you chose 2)… There might be something special in it for you because…


Bold claim: I can teach anyone with a pulse and at least 4 fingers on the left hand with my polished and in-tears-sweat-and-blood developed teaching methods specialized for adults who finally want to make a change and stop stumbling all over your guitar and




What makes me so sure to say that I hear you asking?


Here is a story to bring my point across.


Ever heard of John Williams? The guitar player from Australia, not the film music composer.


First check out this video of him playing guitar. Watch this first and then I will give you some background about him.

One or two minutes is enough to get a good impression of his playing.

When John Williams started to play guitar, he actually was pretty young. But what makes him so special is his upbringing.


His father was already an accomplished classical guitarist and when his son practice guitar he watched his every move and he did not let him practice on his own AT ALL.


He corrected his every mistake and did not let him do a single thing wrong.


Quite crazy hu?


Later on, Williams became a legendary classical guitar player – playing the hardest classical repertoire with jaw-dropping ease.


Some might say he is a “Wunderkind”…


But in Williams’ own words?


He credits his father’s training for his world-class chops. Chops he got in 30-minutes per day, no less.


And it all makes perfect sense too…


I mean: if you were born with natural talent, you’d naturally practice a certain way. A way that basically guarantees you’ll become great.


So what happens when you don’t have natural talent but instead you have someone like John Williams’ father who trains you the way he trained his son?


That would make solid progress in your guitar practice time INEVITABLE like Columbo catching the bad guy.


Isn’t that great news?


And what is even better: as a complete beginner you have really the best chances to learn guitar from the ground up.



Because unlike many intermediate and advanced players you don’t have a bunch of bad habits acquired over years of inefficient and incorrect practice to overwrite.


You are like a blank sheet of paper. That means:


You can learn and improve much faster than guitar players who have been playing for years.


So the sooner you start the sooner you will be a happy guitar player who knows how to play along to your favourite songs and impress your friends and prove to yourself that it is not too late to start learning guitar.


I know you would love to see for yourself, how I will help you become the best possible guitar player.


I promise there will not be any pushy sales pitch. I don’t work like that. If I am not fully booked by the time you call, we will simply have a little chat for 15-30 minutes where I ask you some questions about your current goals and frustrations in your guitar playing.


If we both feel that we can work well together then I will invite you for a free no-obligation consultation where we can look deeper into your guitar playing obstacles and decide how it is best to move forward together.


I say “both” because in my experience, I cannot help everyone. There are some types of people who this does not work for and that’s ok, they are free to go somewhere else.

I cannot help people who…

  • are overly sceptical
  • lack belief in themselves
  • are afraid to get out of their comfort zone and don’t want to put in the required work and effort to get the results that they want
  • live on a budget that barely allows them to get by

So if any of these apply to you, I just saved you some time.

Please do not apply for my programs and take care of improving your personal situation first.


When you have done that I will be happy to work with you and show you everything that I know!


But if I do have time in my schedule and I think I can help you AND you want to work with me, we can go to the next step and meet in person for 1h.


In that hour I will lay out a plan for you that will tackle your current obstacles and roadblocks and that you will be able to follow through with no matter how much time your other responsibilities might take away from your guitar time.


And if we end up working together and you do even half as well as most of my students…

…I can almost promise you’ll be playing guitar better than you ever thought you could in just a few short months.

And the only thing you’ll probably still regret is not starting sooner.

Sound good? Then…

"20 years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you did NOT do than by the things you did do." - Mark Twain

And in the case of your guitar playing, the way I arranged it, you’ve got nothing to lose (unless you wait too long and my schedule is full when you reach out).


P.S. If you fill the evaluation from and see on the next page that I’m “booked solid”, please don’t take it personally. I’ll add you to my waiting list and give you a call as soon as I have an opening in my schedule.


P.P.S. I’ve been teaching long enough to know how hard it is for people to start something new. I know most adults have long since given up on their dreams to ever play guitar.

And most will read this page, come up with some excuse to procrastinate and take no action.


That’s why I like to reward those who still believe in themselves. And have the courage to act on their instincts.


So for everyone who reaches out to me I give you FOUR free chapters of my eBook:

A Collection Of Guitar Wisdom


Why? Because in this book I collected a lot of my own experiences from over 20 years of guitar playing and you will find things in there that I wish I would have known about from the start.


So even if you do not become a student in my school, this is my gift to you in hopes that it will serve you well.


(and if you want to read the whole book, there is a way you can get it for half of the normal price I am selling it for that you will learn about after you got the first four chapters)