"I LOOOVE Paying Recording Studios By The Hour!"

... Said no one ever.

I also never heard a decent musician say "Hey this band has a really interesting ad without listening samples, I should get in touch with them!"

Unfortunately, recording your music can become very VERY expensive.

Imagine having a budget of 2.000 € but due to delays of all kinds () ending up with a bill of 10.000 € or more!

Buying equipment for that can also easily leave you with costs well into 4-figures.

Not to mention the time it takes to set everything up AND figuring out how to operate everything!

(let me tell you from personal experience: recording softwares can be more nervewrecking than children on christmas eve)

If you are new to all of that, you might want to consider taking a shortcut through all of this.

So here is me, offering to record your songs for a flat rate until we both are happy with the result.

Hi, I am Michael 'Miika' Korte.

I am a professional musician and guitar teacher in Tampere. (Heretica, Elinkautinen)

I know from personal experience that I don't even consider contacting bands (let alone READ their ads) that don't have any sound samples in their ads, because I want to be able to HEAR what the band is up to...

If they even know how to play...

And also to get a better impression of what is expected of ME if I decide to join.

If you are looking to start a band some day and you need band members, most likely one way you will use will be to make an announcement on muusikoiden.net.

Let me tell you from personal experience... Most of the ads are horrible and you probably want to stay away from those, if you are a halfway decent experienced musician, because they are missing an important thing.

The same is true in the other direction.

If you are looking for musicians and you make a post about your project, you will be overlooked if you don't have this one important missing piece.

What could that be? Well... the headline kinda gave it away.

DEMO RECORDINGS are an unbeatable representation of what you are offering and looking for.

If not professional recordings.

Now... if you are simply in the starting phase, you probably don't want to go all in yet and hire a professional studio and producer.

Those can become expensive as... hell. You can easily get into the 4 figures with the fees.

Taking into consideration that you will probably not "one-take" all your tracks, you might need advice and time for refinement. BUT...

Good news ahead:

You can go a long way already just by recording something that does not sound like recorded through a cell phone app and has some degree of mixing and mastering to it

This is what I can offer you now.

All your efforts to regularly post ads online will be super ineffective if you don't have anything to listen to.

This is super important to give your potential new band crew a better idea of what it is that YOU are doing and what kind of style and skill is expected from THEM.

So you win twice:

You save time by weeding out those who would be a bad fit AND you get higher profile musicians to notice and get in touch with you.

  • I will help you with the recordings of guitar, bass and vocals

  • I will be by your side to tell you when something does not sound good yet

  • You can count on my expertise and experience

  • You get my support with orchestration and drum compositions and you will have access to the instruments and equipment that I have in my studio: one of which comes with piezo pick ups for an authentic steel guitar sound, a POD HD400 for all kinds of guitar sounds, a Jackson David Ellefson Kelly Bird 5 String Active Bass Guitar, a Marshall JVM 410h amplifier

  • We will do this together at a time that is convenient for both of us and I will not stop until we are happy with the end result

  • You will have complete ownership of the rights to the music, mixing and mastering in Germany included...

...so that YOU can say "I made this!".

Here are photos of the equipment you get access to:

To show you that I practice what I preach, here are some demos I recorded on my own:

These are real recordings I made in my studio years ago, no mixing no mastering, I am not trying to impress you with made up B.S.

The quality that you get out of this depends 99 % on what you make of it. If you suck on your instrument, most likely the recordings will suck, too, unless you listen to my advice or you take Guitar Lessons from me.

If on the other hand you are pretty solid on your instrument already, I can virtually guarantee a satisfying outcome when we both work together.

If you want to find better musicians for your project, THIS is what you need to provide so they want to reach out to you.

So if some of these apply to you:

  • You are a solo artist

  • or a starting band

  • you got some material or even finished songs written

  • you want to record a solid demo version of them to attract higher quality musicians instead of beginners and amateurs

  • OR you simply want to record your songs for fun but...

  • you don't have the necessary knowledge and tools to do that...

...I got an offer for you that you can't refuse.

For a flat rate of 197,- € I will help you record 2 of your tracks and we will NOT stop until they are done and presentable.

In a real studio you would easily pay 3 to 4 times the amount without anyone helping and coaching you through the process.

"Why only TWO songs though?"

Two songs are more than enough because unless you are already very proficient and people get actually hooked on your music and thirst for more...

... all you need is two songs to give your potential soon-to-be-band-mates a good impression of what they are getting themselves into.

I personally rarely even listen through the first song before I made up my mind if I contact you or not.

If this sounds like a good idea to you and you agree that this will be a great investment into your own and your band's progress...

Click the button below, tell me a little bit about your project and then we will see if I can help you and if I will invite you to a free first consultation:

Tell me about your project

You're not obliged to pay anything just for getting in touch with me :)