People Will Admire Your Guitar Playing When You Do This...

Don’t you just LOVE to improvise solos in front of other people and have your fingers shaking and shivering because you know you will run out of ideas after 30 seconds?

No? Me neither…

But there are a few very simple ways to avoid that. And nothing makes my face light up more than seeing people overcoming this and play solos that sound catchy and just FIT, even though they did not have to learn new licks or scales!

I share them with you in my FREE 10-minute eGuide so that you:

  • Never feel embarrassed for boring old licks by making one simple switch in how you view the scales that you have been using forever. You don’t need to learn any new scales or licks because this works even if you only know 1 scale.
  • Apply one simple mind hack to instantly spice up your guitar licks but also buy yourself more time to think about what you play next. You most likely will find this in bluesy guitar solos, less in metal and rock although you should!
  • Dust off your old licks and give them a fresh paint job so that once and for all you will no longer be bored of your own licks. This is my favourite method to make your licks surprise even yourself and anybody I showed this to so far was able to just grab and run with it INSTANTLY

All you need is to type in your favourite email address (don’t worry, I will guard it like my guitars and will never pass it on to someone else, I hate spam as much as you do) and I will send it right over to you! (totally for free, because it makes me happy when I can do something for your guitar playing)