Local Guitar Teaching Expert In Tampere Shows Guitar Players Who Are

Stuck For Years With Your Guitar Playing

A Way To Break Out From Stagnation

Dear Guitar Player,

Let me tell you a story.

Some day in summer I received an E-mail.

It came from Lasse.

Lasse, 34, contacted me when he went to a music shop during his search for a teacher who could help him.

Lasse’s story in a nutshell?

He has struggled for many years to take his guitar playing to the next level.


  • He lacked coordination between his hands
  • His timing was off
  • His solos did not sound good
  • He stagnated on the same level for years

And it bothered him deeply because he is already playing in a band but lacked in all these areas and was nearly feeling embarrassed about it!

So, he decided:

He was going to find the best guitar teacher in town to help him getting his technique to a Tampere-Torni high level...
And his music writing abilities finally on the fast track...
And make up for all the years of wasted guitar practice time and finally see himself as a guitar player who is playing at the level he should be playing.

And even though he was experienced and he clearly wanted help, he still felt unconfident about his potential.

In his own words:

I think I am stagnating and only sticking to the pentatonic even though I know a lot of music theory and scales but I don’t feel that I can apply them in a technical sense and how to make my solos sound good and fitting to the context. I think that is where I am not feeling very confident. If I could do all that I would conquer the world. I would compose more of my own music and play more with my band and make them sound better and write awesome solos. I tried some of the guitar tutorials from the internet, but I think it is not the best way to advance. I really need someone to show me how to do it all.
Lasse (34), Electrician

So, I suggested Lasse meet me for a no-obligation consultation so I could give him a proper diagnosis I give to all my students.

And when we met, I noticed right away Lasse spent a long time teaching himself, because:

Lasse played guitar like a classical guitarist stuck in the 18th century and his approach to his technique would never allow him to reach the super-insane-guitar- shredder level that he aspired to reach.

His fretting hand went all over the place in an uncoordinated MESS on the fretboard.

On top of that his picking hand was behaving in a way that I can only describe as weak and uncontrolled – Which was the #1 reason why he never learned how to sweep pick and make it sound good at the same time.

And I gave it to him straight and I told him:

“This will take some time to fix and drive these bad habits out. This will not disappear in 2 or 3 months especially not with all the other goals you have for your guitar playing.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is: if you are as motivated as you say you are and you promise me you’ll do exactly what I tell you – I know how to help you.

And if you continue practicing 30 minutes per day, I bet by this time next year you won’t even recognize the guitar player you have become.”

He decided to give it a shot… and we got busy.

But let’s hear what he himself has got to say:

"I had many areas where I struggled, lot of room to improve in various areas in my guitar playing and composing and understanding music in general.

I decided to start lessons because I was feeling I was not making progress.

I was feeling like every step I took to improve my guitar playing was harder, I didn’t see where it was taking me to.

So, Miika got a vision of where to go and how to go and that makes the journey of becoming a better guitarist and musician much more enjoyable.

I decided to come to Kitaristi Tampere because I felt like Miika has a good vision and good understanding of what I need. And the way the lessons are put together, they have a good red line and there was a plot where it was taking me and I could see the plot. And the whole feeling that I got from Miika was that he is really interested in getting ME better.

I searched for many different guitar teachers and the feeling and the confidence that I got from meeting with Miika was way different than with the other ones. That was the reason why I decided to come here.

The lessons have improved my Practicing. I know WHAT to practice and how to progress with my practicing and not to stagnate on something but to work on it from different angles and in different ways.

I also gained a lot of new ways to make my own music, how to express how I feel through music.

The first thing I noticed when I visited here was the overall feeling. It was like a cozy home.

It felt like you are not interacting with an authority, you’re interacting with a peer.

Search no longer because… pick the easy way, not the hard way.

I took the hard way for many years and I am here and this is a lot more enjoyable than the hard way.

There is no competition."

Here is why I tell you this story:

My name is Michael Korte (I came to Tampere from Germany and most Finnish people just call me Miika and so can you) and when it comes to teaching guitar:

I solve the problems of guitar players like Lasse FOR GOOD.

In fact, I spent the last years sharpening my guitar teaching skills inside the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle and I'm the only guitar teacher in all of Tampere who holds the Guitar Teaching Mastery certificate. (I'll show you below)

And I made it my personal goal to produce at least 500 more cases like Lasse that I have helped reach new heights in their guitar playing before I retire.

But of course, none of this matters if I cannot help you play guitar better. So, let me tell you what I discovered from the last years of teaching guitar. It’s about:

The #1 Reason Guitar Players Like Lasse Get Stuck And Never Learn To Play Guitar The Way They Want And Deserve:

They try for waaaay too long to learn guitar on their own.

And full disclosure: I MYSELF was like that and I regret deeply to not start lessons earlier with a PROVEN master guitar teacher who just knows how to throw my guitar playing forward like a rock in a sling shot.

But AS SOON AS I found and committed to a PROVEN master guitar teacher, EVERYTHING started to fall into place and I finally reached the heights of guitar playing technique and creativity that I was thirsting for, for a long time.

So click here to tell me about your current skills and frustrations and and we can find out if there is hope for you:

Tell me about yourself

(It will not take long! So why not simply do it now?)

Still doubtful if I can help you?

Check out what I help my students do after only 4 weeks of laser focused practicing and training

More happy student reports

"My name is Markus and I have been familiar with Michael for a few months.

I think my guitar playing was pretty much stagnant on the same level. I had the feeling that it does not go anywhere and I keep playing the same songs over and over, but then when I decided I should get a grip of myself and take some lessons, that would really help to progress and learn new chords and really start the process of learning guitar again.

I learned about Kitaristi Tampere through my own work and that’s how we connected.

I wanted to learn to play better and I wanted to learn to enjoy playing more, so I figured when I have the ability to play more, it is going to be more enjoyable, hopefully. And it has been! Actually I have never taken real lessons on guitar ever before, I have taken some piano lessons, but I am mostly self-taught, which leads to the problem of not really going forward, so I wanted to get a proper teacher to help me. So this is my first time on a guitar lesson.

I was able to gain more understanding of how different chord progressions work and which chords work together well and I think I am already more able to jam with others and maybe even improvise a bit. What I like the most is just the basic feeling of having the lesson and meeting with Michael and having a little coffee and a chat and then just start playing and learning more about the guitar. Just keep playing! Come to Kitaristi Tampere

Markus (32), Insurance Agent

"My name is Raimo and I've taken guitar classes from Miika for the past two months.

I was interested in playing the guitar, but somehow I had this feeling of being stuck, not being able to move forward, that I was in full stop and that I didn't find any process of my own to keep progressing.

These guitar classes have helped me to progress and to get a more confident grip on my guitar playing. Meanwhile, I have discovered that my fingers have kind of improved from the beginning, when I had sausage-fingers. I think they move in a different way now and that they have brought more confidence in my playing and my speed.

I definitely recommend to take classes from Miika and to keep going to those classes and to keep practising. That will certainly give you progress."

Raimo Patronen, Entrepreneur

Many of my students have had the same or similar problems. Fortunately, you can now learn how to easily overcome them!

What I found was that by finding a great teacher to help me with my guitar playing I was able to overcome my guitar playing frustrations and reach my goals a lot faster.

Educating yourself with the help of YouTube or other random sources will not bear a lot of fruit for you. You probably did not like studying from books and working through them, which is why you gave that up too. The information on Youtube or in books is often too general to help you with your specific problems. This is why you need a qualified and trained teacher to help you find the most suitable path for you.

Your past guitar lessons may even have disappointed you, because after the lesson you did not feel much wiser than before. I am committed to making sure that you won’t be disappointed with the results that you get from participating in my guitar programs.

Every guitar player is different and needs their own custom strategy

Imagine having your own lesson strategy that will massively increase your chances to achieve your long term goals - week after week, day after day.

At my school you will be starting from the level you are at right now. You will be taught and coached by a trained teacher certified in the Geometric Guitar Teaching Method © and Rapid Results Guitar Training ©, so that you can be sure of achieving what you always hoped to achieve - and more. On top of that, you will feel and see that you are getting closer to your goals every day.

Here is how you will benefit by taking lessons at Kitaristi Tampere:

  • Make a lot of progress and save a significant amount of time

  • Learn to play with confidence so that you can get rid stage fright effectively

  • Unchain your strengths and experience extensive recognition

  • Learn how to become creative, so that you can express yourself more freely

  • Discover how to play like the pros and never again feel bad about picking up the guitar

  • Find people who are as crazy about playing the guitar as you, and receive the support from your environment that you are longing for to make it over the long distance

I know you would love to see for yourself, how I will help you become the best possible guitar player.

I promise there will not be any pushy sales pitch. I don't work like that. If I am not fully booked by the time you call, we will simply have a little chat for 15-30 minutes where I ask you some questions about your current goals and frustrations in your guitar playing.

If we both feel that we can work well together then I will invite you for a free no-obligation consultation where we can look deeper into your guitar playing obstacles and decide how it is best to move forward together.

I say "both" because in my experience, I cannot help everyone. There are some types of people who this does not work for and that's ok, they are free to go somewhere else. I cannot help people who...

  • are overly sceptical
  • lack belief in themselves
  • are afraid to get out of their comfort zone and don't want to put in the required work and effort to get the results that they want
  • live on a budget that barely allows them to get by

So if any of these apply to you, I just saved you some time. Please do not apply for my programs and take care of improving your personal situation first. When you have done that I will be happy to work with you and show you everything that I know!

But if I do have time in my schedule and I think I can help you AND you want to work with me, we can go to the next step and meet in person for 1h.

In that hour I will lay out a plan for you that will tackle your current obstacles and roadblocks like an ice-hockey-player on roadrage and that you will be able to follow through with no matter how much time your other responsibilities might take away from your guitar time.

And if we end up working together and you do even half as well as most of my students…
…I can almost promise –you’ll be playing guitar better than you ever thought you could in just a few short months.
And the only thing you’ll probably still regret is not starting sooner.
Sound good? Then...

Click here to tell me about your current skills and frustrations:

Tell me about yourself

(It will not take long! So why not simply do it now?)

"20 years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you did NOT do than by the things you did do." - Mark Twain

And in the case of your guitar playing, the way I arranged it, you’ve got nothing to lose (unless you wait too long and my schedule is full when you reach out).

P.S. If you fill the evaluation from and see on the next page that I'm “booked solid”, please don’t take it personally. I’ll add you to my waiting list and give you a call as soon as I have an opening in my schedule.

P.P.S. I’ve been teaching long enough to know how hard it is for people to start something new. I know most adults have long since given up on their dreams to ever play guitar. And most will read this page, come up with some excuse to procrastinate and take no action.

That’s why I like to reward those who still believe in themselves. And have the courage to act on their instincts.

So for everyone who reaches out to me I give you FOUR free chapters of my eBook:

A Collection Of Guitar Wisdom

Why? Because in this book I collected a lot of my own experiences from over 20 years of guitar playing and you will find things in there that I wish I would have known about from the start.

So even if you do not become a student in my school, this is my gift to you in hopes that it will serve you well.

(and if you want to read the whole book, there is a way you can get it for half of the normal price I am selling it for that you will learn about after you got the first four chapters)

Click here to tell me about your current skills and frustrations:

Tell me about yourself

(It will not take long! So why not simply do it now?)

During C-19 times you can simply use your online connection to learn guitar with me.

"I am so on fire now, I see a little progress every day and I can see the achievements coming. I want to play my favourite songs and compose music on my own. I know that I can do that here. It is a very easy mood here, that is awesome. We are not exactly like student and teacher, but we are friends. I recommend simply to come around and try it, then you can see for yourself, if you like it or not. I like it a lot, that is why I am here."
Alex (41), Doctor

"Miika helped me a lot for example to understand the patterns of the pentatonic and harmony, so that I really know what I am playing and I can use them much more purposefully and efficiently. I can really recommend guitar lessons here, because it is a very relaxed and familiar atmosphere and it is a lot of fun. Lessons are very diverse and fit well to each other."
Andreas (30), Engineer

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