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P.s.: You also get a free chapter of my E-book "A Collection Of Guitar Wisdom" that will help you get off to a better and smoother start with your guitar and helps you get more out your playing instantly! If you are a student of mine, you get the full version for free on top.

Hear what Lasse has to say:

I searched for many different guitar teachers and the feeling and the confidence that I got from meeting with Miika was way different than with the other ones. That was the reason why I decided to come here.

The lessons have improved my Practicing. I know WHAT to practice and how to progress with my practicing and not to stagnate on something but to work on it from different angles and in different ways.

I also gained a lot of new ways to make my own music, how to express how I feel through music.

The first thing I noticed when I visited here was the overall feeling. It was like a cozy home.

It felt like you are not interacting with an authority, you’re interacting with a peer.

Search no longer because… pick the easy way, not the hard way.

I took the hard way for many years and I am here and this is a lot more enjoyable than the hard way.

There is no competition.

Guitar Student with Hat smiling
Lasse Lehtonen